Shane is an all around amazing artist with a great variety of music. Couple that with his great personality and he surely won’t disappoint. I’d recommend him to anyone wanting a great hometown show” - Mattea S.

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Meet Shane Click:


Shane Click was born in Rockingham Virginia in 1981. Having grown up with his mother a pianist and his grandfather an accomplished guitarist who performed on the Grand Ole Opry , his love of music grew tremendously. Throughout his life, Shane has always been fascinated by a variety of music and how the world is represented through the sounds of others. Naturally, he was drawn to stringed instruments, primarily the guitar.  The interest was cultivated during his teenage years and further developed into adulthood through personal experience.  

After playing in several local bands, Shane delved into his own acoustic performance. The songs that Shane sings during his performance, are only part of the narrative. He often uses his own personal experiences to bring those songs to life and express the story it is trying to tell . It is a collaboration between the artist and the heart. Shane cherishes this connection with music.  He feels that the artistic exchange between the performer and the audience opens up many opportunities. 

Shane has also taught guitar throughout the years, specializing in entry level and theory.  He teaches all ages in order to help them foster the same enthusiasm that he has for music. He is the founder of Broadway Guitar for Kids, where he specializes in children and their unique individual abilities.